World Building Wednesday-The Dark House

DarkHouseLocaleOn a foothill of Mount Call just South of Tripik there is a massive mansion that overlooks the city. No one knows why the mansion was built without windows and drifters who try to move in all disappear. Even those who have gone to investigate the disappearances haven’t come back. The house is dark, even during the day.

Despite it’s size, the dark house is only crudely furnished. There are beds in many of the rooms, but half the rooms contain strange gadgets that anyone with magical training would recognize as enchanting projects. Most of the others contain alchemy projects or mundane contraptions. The size of the dining hall, the number of projects underway, and the many beds suggest a number of researchers once occupied the building, though it is possible is was a single eccentric tinkerer.DarkHouseMain

The letters on the map indicate lights (very bright lights) connected to switches through the floor. They are one large enchantment each. Whatever the original logic was for the placement of the switches and lights was, it is very inconvenient now. Adding to this inconvenience are the shadow hunters that have taken up residence in the mansion. They rest in the ever dark closets throughout the mansion, but they wander the rooms from time to time, only avoiding areas with external doors. At night, they may even stray forth to hunt, terrorizing the citizens of the ruins of Tripik. There are scores of them in the dark halls.DarkUpperFloor

The upper floor of the mansion is only a small corner. By all indications it was half of a large project, with the other half in the basement. This includes a switch that controls the lights in the basement, as well as other observational tools for watching proceedings in the basement. There are no beds in this part of the house, but there are ancient bodies, seeming to indicate that this is DarkBasementthe reason the house was abandoned.

In the basement, there are no switches, only lights controlled by the switch in the attic. The wine racks there are still full and some of the most precious treasures are kept in the basement. This is where the builders were performing their most important research. Gargoyles still guard the front room, but their allegiance has changed. The dark creature dwelling in the back corridor rules the shadow hunters in the house. It keeps a treasure below, a weapon the researchers had built to fight it and its ilk. Yithalin sent it to prevent the darkness defeating artifact from falling into good hands.

I’ll be making a document with some of the stats for the lights, the dark creature, and suggestions for running this dungeon.

As a player, would you visit the dark house?  What kinds of things would you expect to find there? As a Master Weaver, how might a building like this help advance your campaign? What kinds of things would you hide there? Let us know below.

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