Ability Tuesday-Leaping Strike


A warrior leaps down on a gargoyle prepared to counter blow.

An iconic attack style for wild and reckless heroes is the leaping strike. The attack while dropping from above can help with surprise, but if the attacker is noticed it can also give the target extra time to react. The leaping attack also lends extra damage depending on how far the attacker falls before the blow. However, until a fighter has truly mastered the leaping strike, he suffers a penalty hitting his target. Masters of the leaping strike deal more damage, strike more unpredictabley, and use the fall height better.

I’ve always been a sucker for the leaping strike. I love drawing leaping strikes (case in point: Great Leap, Bounder, Giant Spider), though apparently less so since starting the blog. Much more common pre-blog. My love for leaping strikes is why it was among the first abilities I penned. As a result, it’s kind of under-powered for a major ability, though pretty powerful for long, long drops. I’m going to have to tune it a bit.

Leaping Strike is common among melee fighters, learned by Fighters, Monks, Assassins, Berserkers, Paladins, Dragon Slayers, and Intrepids.

Would you take a situationally useful ability like leaping strike? It’s great for cleaving off dragon’s heads if you can get into position. Or for one-shoting big enemies with a leaping backstab. When would expect to use it to make a dramatic play? Let us know in the comments below.

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