Monster Monday-Gargoyle

Gargoyle“Okay, you’ll fly up and land on the tower. Your flight will be short, though. I can fly a lot longer because of my Featherfall Robe.” The mage who’d hired Doran seemed to have everything together. He was curious what they’d find inside the doorless tower. “Are you listening, you fly straight to the top, I’ll cover you.”

Yup. Easy enough. Doran flew up into the night. The full moon gave plenty of light to see by. He landed on top of the tower as the mage circled. “Do you see a stair?”

“I’m looking—” something moved in the shadows of the tower. It was huge. He drew his sword, swinging, but it didn’t seem to cut the creature’s flesh. The massive beast grabbed him and, as the mage cast a spell on it, threw Doran from the parapets. Doran’s flight spell had expired.


Health Points: 12d6+40

Spell Points: None

Attack: 1d6 claws, speed 1.5

Dexterity: 16

Strength: 28

Intelligence: 12

Speed: 26


Minimum Alternative Terminal Velocity: 10 feet per second

Horizontal Flight Top Speed: 3*Descent Speed

Horizontal Flight Acceleration: Descent Speed/2

Armor: 1 18 28

Special: Counter Blow IV, Grab IV, Crush IV, Throw Object/Person IV, Wield Object/Person II, Climb XII

Day Hibernation: During the day, Gargoyles turn to solid granite (Hardness 12, Durability 2), even when under ground, and fully heal by night fall when they turn back.

Description: Gargoyles are an ideal compliment to day-time defenders since they function all night with tireless might. Often, gargoyles will seek out a symbiotic relationship with day-goers. In these relationships, the gargoyles receive protection and a place to hide among the statues during the day and the day-goers receive night-time defenders.

Though they have wings, gargoyles cannot fly. The can, however, glide. This is why they favor castles or cliffs to defend. They are also very good climbers, able to return to the heights from which they descended with relative ease.

In battle, they may strike with their claws and use counter blow rather than parrying, relying on their tough, rock-like hides to protect them, but they also often engage in grapples, relying on their strength to overpower foes and if possible, throw them out of the fray.

Gargoyles are vicious in fighting the enemies of their allies, but those without allies can often be reasoned with. Like most sentient creatures, they are only looking for safety and food. Though their nature is somewhat violent, they are also fiercely loyal to those who treat them well.

Gargoyles are generally large, but come in various shapes and colors. They often travel in packs of up to six, but particularly good allies may draw larger numbers.

As a player, how would you fight a gargoyle? What about a potential gargoyle ally? Would you be willing to negotiate with one? As a Master Weaver, would you use them? How? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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