Saturday Spell-Forge Seal

ForgeSealThat would do it, with Duke Aurellan’s blood axe and great key on it, the letter would have no trouble penetrating the king’s court. His contact there would recognize it and know what to do.

Duril had trained Percival himself to sense magic, no one else would feel the hidden magic on the seal, but Percival would try harder and knew better. The perfect signal.

So I asked my wife what she’d like to do with magic and she said “forge a seal.” And I thought that fit nicely with Diervale and criminals this week. It’s also a good spell building opportunity to show the tools I talked about yesterday. The basic outcome we want is a wax seal. How much this resembles the seal we want to imitate depends on familiarity with the seal, perception, and recall ability. All this spell removes is the manual skill needed for a good forgery. It also means there is no difference between creating the wax and just shaping existing wax, since wax is soft.

For the finesse needed here, I would require advanced mastery of the Ya arc and the Ku radius, for earth shaping and physical form. Given it’s small size, as little earth as possible would be ideal, so just the earth arc and a cheaper power syllable are probably in order to keep the spell cheap, I guess in case you’re doing a lot of forgeries, or maybe needing to fight your way out after.

Unfortunately, the power reduction doesn’t make the magic any harder to detect. If someone senses magic on the letter, they might get suspicious and detect the forgery. The advanced Ros radius can be used to hide magical energy, along with the Zo arc and dark finger. At reduced powers, to really be safe we’ll want all the dark we can get. Each point reduces the maximum detection range by 1 foot and someone with a couple levels in Sense Magic who’s paying an unusual amount of attention could detect a magical aura from as far as 72 feet away, even without levels in Perception. The magic concealment components are the sort of things a shady crime mage would have, so it makes the spell no harder to cast on a component level, but it will be most of the cost.

Left Hand:

Ros (Stealth Radius): Dark (Full)

Zo (Negativity Arc): Dark (Half)

Zo (Negativity Arc): Dark (Full)

Zo (Negativity Arc): Dark (Half)

Zo (Negativity Arc): Dark (Full)

Zo (Negativity Arc): Dark (Half)

Zo (Negativity Arc): Dark (Full)

Zo (Negativity Arc): Dark (Half)

Sar (Darkness Radius): Dark (Full)

Right Hand:

Neta (Natural Radius):

Ya (Earth Radius):

Ku (Physical Radius):

saying “lon re gruo”

That’s enough for 1d6/4 cubic feet of wax, more than enough. We could go less for cheaper, but at the cost of efficiency, and less power would make the aura suppression harder. As is it also gives us (17d6+8d3+4)/2 feet of magical aura suppression, an average of nearly 40 feet. This is enough to prevent people with low Sense Magic from being able to detect the aura with an average amount of attention, even on touch.

The spell costs 60 SP to cast and takes over 15 seconds for most casters. That’s a pretty cheap forgery. If the caster expects really close scrutiny or needs to get it past someone with a lot of magic experience, he may need some extra Zo arcs and dark fingers, adding nearly a foot per spell point of additional cost on average.

Would you play a crime mage with spells like this? How would you use it? Any spells you want to see? Suggest them below and we might get to them on a later Saturday.

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