Divine Artifact-Fauxlight Stone

“What’s that there?” Rubble muttered as the sound of a clattering stone approached through the dark and his men drew clubs and swords.

Suddenly, a blaring light filled the tunnel they walked. It came from the stone, now at rest. “We’re lit up,” Bergs cried and they all went for cover.

Nothing happened.

“Who goes there,” Rubble began to question, but collapsed, his throat cut, before he could finish.

“Invisible?” Bergs asked as others fell, dying as he swung at empty air. Soon they were all down.

Lathe picked up the stone and darkness descended again. Fauxlight stones were fairly common in Diervale, but cheap thugs couldn’t be expected to know them.

Fauxlight Stone

Fauxlight stones are the source of much debate among the more pedantic followers of Yithalin. Most believe Yithalin genuinely intends them as a useful tool for his followers, but some argue that it is a trap to reveal those of his followers who are not fully devoted to his stealthy ways.

Both have good arguments. The “users” argue that the fauxlight stone’s cunning is a tribute to that of Yithalin and the acts of stealth it allows are worthy worship. The “eschewers” argue that its use inherently reveals the user’s presence, and though it does not reveal his location, this stealth is imperfect. Yithalin has confirmed neither argument, and both sides see that as supporting theirs.

The fauxlight stone emits 3000 lux of light when it is at rest. This light, however, does not fall on the possessor of the stone. The possessor is fully invisible (see invisibility spell) with respect to the light of the stone. This has a number of effects. It illuminates the area around the stone without revealing the possessor, it produces the illusion of sight in the area (inspiring confidence) while still hiding the possessor, and it accustoms other eyes to the higher light without casting the light on the possessor, actually increasing his stealth.

Bright as 10 torches, it is a very bright light, granting good visibility up to 30 feet away. It is made of expertly cut onyx and weighs 5 pounds.

The Fauxlight Stone is very useful as a light source, and useful for a blatant kind of stealth. Would you be willing to carry one around as a thief? Which camp of Yithalin’s followers would you fall into? Mind Weave Divine Artifacts are very different than enchanted items. They can do a much wider range of things. Any you would like to see? Comment below and let us know!

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