Yithalin-The Lord of Shadow and Silence

Yithalin-The Lord of Shadow and Silence (Deity)

He is coniving and sudden. He supports quick thinking and cunning, but especially stealth. He mocks clumsiness and openness.

He is a lonely god as the evil gods know well of his trickery, many of them having been used by him in his tricks. The lonliness suits him. The thieves of the world are eager to befriend him for their shadowy acts. He sees into all shadows and hears every whisper. His dark scouts are in many places. He has a home in the chaos realm.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil (-4, -5)

Worshipers: Thieves, Assassins, Shadow Hunters

Symbols: shadow, closed lips, crow

Colors: black

Blessing: +1 damage per .1 lux under 1 lux on the weapon.

Gifts of Power: Darkness, Silence, Invisibility, Open Door, Shadow Blade, Deadly Dark

Artifacts: Fauxlight Stone, Allkey, Ghost Cloak

Would your character worship Yithalin? He’s a very good deity for thieves and assassins, but even a stealth cleric or priest could be fun. Maybe a stealth paladin? How would you use his powers? Let us know in the comments below. 

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2 Responses to Yithalin-The Lord of Shadow and Silence

  1. Aaron says:

    I love your idea of a shadow paladin. It’s a much needed twist on the sometimes tired “devoted warrior”.

    I’d like to see a shadow paladin recovering stolen artifacts from the ancient history of his or her religion.

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