Ability Tuesday-Convince, Persuade, and Lie

Today I’m going to cover some of the basic social abilities. These are all minor abilities and will be commonly found as backstory abilities, since many people rely on social interaction to survive, at least before becoming blood thirsty adventurers.

Convince provides the character with a bonus when trying to convince someone of a fact or idea. It doesn’t matter whether the fact or idea is true (though if the convincer is lying a lie check will also be made). All that matters is how likely the target is to believe when the information is presented in a standard way (no levels in convince, charisma 10). This likelihood is then increased greatly for levels in Convince and a little for extra Charisma and levels in Diplomacy.

Persuade is like convince, except is used when persuading someone to take an action. In this case, the initial chance of success is determined by the person’s likelihood to do that thing without persuasion. For example, a guard is much less likely to let a prisoner go than a maiden is to give a traveler a drink from the well. The initial likelihood of a person helping can be increased if they have been successfully convinced of relevant facts.

Lie is fundamentally different from the other two, because lie checks are contested checks. While the plausibility of the lie is taken into account as a bonus or penalty determined by the Master Weaver, the Lie check itself is made against a Perception check made by the target. Characters without levels in Lie will generally only get away with lies that get a high plausibility bonus. However, high level liars and those with high charisma and diplomacy can pull even crazy whoppers over on even the most perceptive.

Would you build a character that spends his minor abilities on being able to manipulate people socially? How would you use them? Comment below and let us know.

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