Saturday Spell-Great Leap

GreatLeap“Do something,” Kerchak snarled at Dirilink as another arrow whizzed by him. The mushrooms provided the gnome plenty cover, but even crouched, Kerchak was exposed. 

“Casting would expose me,” Dirilink complained.

“Dammit, more are going to come. Get me up there, gnome! Now!”

Grudgingly, Dirilink cast a spell while Kerchak drew fire. When he finished, Kerchak leaped up onto the wall, crushing the drow archer to a bloody mess. More archers and a mage group approached, but they were no match for him in melee combat.

This spell functions in a way very similar to the Leaper’s Sword. We apply wind speed to improving a jump by applying it to either the jumper’s speed (for jump speed), improving the jumper’s length of jump, or to the jumper’s jump height directly according to the equation (windspeed*32/125/5.7)^2/64 extra jump height in feet.

Left Hand:

Ros (Travel Radius): Wind (Full)

Oh (Wind Arc): Wind (Half)

Oh (Wind Arc): Wind (Full)

Ros (Travel Radius): Wind (Half)

saying “on ba/wu ru grai”

This produces 20*(6d6+4d3+2) mph of wind, averaging 620 mph of wind. Obviously a literal wind this fast doesn’t make sense, but applied to accelerating a jumping man, it works fine. I did the math for a 45 degree wind (equal vertical and horizontal components) in my head last night, so there’s some rounding. It comes out to about a 5 foot increase in jump height and an extra 108 jump speed. Assuming the character jumps from a stand-still, this is a nearly 6 foot high jump with a 45 foot long jump.

In the case of Kerchak, jumping up onto a wall. This might not be high enough, but it’s probably too long. A short wall at only 12 feet, and giving Kerchak a 1 foot vertical jump, this can get him up there, and with a small running start he can still have several feet of horizontal travel before crushing the drow archer.

A longer spell could be used to increase the jump power, this one only uses 8 of the generally allowed 16 DoP.

The spell as written costs 104 SP, it takes 5.33 seconds to cast with 15 Dex and no agility for a left handed caster.

Are jumping spells for you? Is there an easier way up? Any spells you want to see? Suggest them below and we might get to them on a later Saturday.

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