Character Thursday-Gilick Arux (Drow Assassin)

A first Drow character. I went with an NPC, their stories are easier to write. This Drow assassin has gone rogue, but he’s still evil, he just might make an ally of opportunity for PCs operating in the Drow city.

Backstory and Levels 1-7:

DrowAssassinGilick Arux was orphaned at a young age, not so rare a thing for the children of common drow in the city Rizzilind under the Veil Mountains. He was too young for the family his parents had served to bother with him and he was thrown out into the slums. He became bitter, even for a drow. He got by picking pockets, but his bitterness pushed him beyond mere survival. He sought revenge, stealing from the wealthy heads of the houses, especially the house that his parents had died as fodder for. At first the houses suspected each other, but eventually they began to believe each other’s protests. Gilick was appalled as the houses commited resources to a war on the common, unaligned drow.

Stealing was no longer enough. He needed to retaliate in earnest. He took up a blade and applied his stealth, first to picking off raid members, but soon taking confidence and going to the root of the problem, assassinating several prominent members of the great houses. To his elation, the houses assumed that they had been betrayed. They began again to war again among themselves. He has since dedicated his efforts to sowing discord. The heads of house who wronged him are long dead, but the other houses must pay for similar crimes. If he understands that the wars are killing mostly common drow like his parents, he doesn’t let on.

Strength: 15, Constitution: 15, Dexterity: 26,

Wisdom: 7, Intelligence: 16, Charisma: 12

Abilities: Infiltrator’s Intuition IVBackstab II, Leaping Strike II, Climb V, Pick Pocket II, Crusade (Drow) II, Pick Lock I, Crusade (Elf) I, Hide I, Jump I

Skills: Stealth VII

Gilick was originally focused on being stealthy, working basically as a sneak-thief. He’s only recently moved in on the assassin abilities. This makes him fairly dangerous in ideal conditions, but he’s not much for fighting his way through enemies to make a kill or an exit.

With his stealth, intuition, climb, and jump, he has good shot at finding a good place to strike from, taking full advantage of his leaping strike. For example, he climbs up onto a statue over a gate and waits for his his target, he jumps down behind his target from 20 feet up for a leaping backstab. His To-Hit is (3d6)*3.6+1, giving him over 90% chance of hitting and 37.5% of the time he crits for double damage. His stolen katar deals (1d6+2)*5.2+6 for a pre-cit/miss average damage of 34.6. Taking misses and crits into account, his expected damage is 44.115. He’s pretty sure to take down a target level 3 or lower. Anything much higher and he’s taking a chance of ending up in a face-to-face fight. His off-hand weapon would probably simply be a dagger for such fight situations or for finishing targets that survive the initial blow.

How would you deal with a character like Gilick? Would you consider him a valuable ally? As a Master Weaver, how would you play him? Let us know in the comments below.  

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