World Building Wednesday-Alfoli: A Nation Besieged

For the last few months I’ve focused on regions around Lyseria. Today we take a look at a new nation in Trethal: Alfoli. Across the Dlina Desert and over the Veil Mountains, the Human nation of Alfoli is an ally of Lyseria, but it is constantly besieged by evil. Its wild kings have been defending it against threats from the Black Swamp to the North, the Goblins and Drow under the Veil Mountains to the West, pirates to the East, and Reigzen to the South since before the Archons founded Lyseria.Trethal_ZNE

Lyseria has become a strong ally of Alfoli, but they are often occupied with other conflicts where evil threatens weaker nations. Alfoli depends more on older, closer allies in their fight, from the Crystal Hold Dwarves to the warriors of Dimrill to Hilka’s mercenaries.
LyseriaZoomThe Crystal Hold Dwarves have long been friends to the kings of Alfoli as they have fought together against the Goblins and Drow of the Veil Mountains. The Veil Mountains have long been unexplored due to the presence of great dangers beyond that presented by the Goblins and Drow. When Alfoli has resources to spare, it tries to make inroads, but since the Dragon Wars, dragons infesting the mountains has made exploration even more dangerous.

DlinaDesertThe Black Swamp to the North of Alfoli is filled with Tulkem (a type of proto-lizardfolk, I’ll talk about them eventually, but there are basically two types of non-sentient lizardfolk relatives), in addition to the Lizardfolk tribes living there. While the lizardfolk are unwilling to be enemies of Alfoli directly, they do secretly rile up the Tulkem in their instinctive swamp expanding efforts. Long ago Alfoli built a long wall sequestering the swamp and now expend great resources manning it. The knights of Dimrill help keep the threat contained to the North.

The pirates of the Ailf Sea—mostly based in the Horols, Lemina, and Salport—also draw a great deal of resources from Alfoli as they threaten towns along the coast and attack merchant vessels. Alfoli might be able to wipe them out at their source, they have the resources, but they have no guarantee they would not resurge or seek revenge. More than that, the presence of the pirates is the basis of Alfoli’s allaince with Hilka. Hilka is mostly a nation of mercenaries, but they have agreed not to hire against Alfoli in exchange for pirate protection. Their relationship is tenuous.Reigzen

Finally, Alfoli borders with Reigzen on the South. Reigzen is another human nation, but they are far less prosperous than Alfoli. Reigzen is almost always in a highly militarized state, citing rampant troubles with Orcs to the South and the Goblins to the West. This ever-present threat keeps Alfoli on its toes and Alfoli employs many spies to have warning of invasion attempts.

A coastal slum has formed on the border of Alfoli and Reigzen under the name Deirvale. It is a haven for criminals from both nations and has grown so large a significant force would have to be brought to bear to clear it out. Neither nation trusts the other with a force that size near their border. Instead, they have agreed to sending small parties into the slum seeking only the most wanted criminals.

How do like Alfoli?  A good place for campaigns? Maybe a short side quest into Deirvale to bring a bounty back? Anything else you want to know about? Let us know below.

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