Ability Tuesday-Grab

GrabThe Grab ability is indicative of a character’s wrestling form for strength grapples. It helps most with strength grapples on an even footing, allowing the wrestler to perform take-downs more effectively. It does help somewhat with maintaining holds in a superior position and breaking holds in an inferior position.

This ability doesn’t help the wrestler deal more damage on a grapple, but it does make it more likely that the wrestler deals damage at all. The Crush ability increases damage from such grapples when on top and even allows the wrestler to deal crushing damage when loosing the match. However, as far as scoring points in a friendly match, this is the ability for wrestlers.

Brawlers and Berserkers get Grab as a native ability.  As high strength characters, they are generally well equipped for it. Other characters with wrestling backgrounds will get it as a backstory ability and it can be taught as a cross-class ability with some training.

Would you be interested in playing a wrestling character? Would you go for take-downs or pure crushing power? One of our play-testers showed that the tackle and crush approach can be effective, but it is risky in a multi-enemy fight. Please comment below with your thoughts.

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