Saturday Spell-Farwhisper

FarwhisperThe minotaur was still coming, armor clinking as he walked down the winding corridors.

“We can take him,” Darus muttered. The minotaur was much bigger than Darus, and nearly as well armed and armored.

“We’ll need a good ambush,” Mellin breathed, rounding a corner. “I know this place, take a left, then two rights, I’ll go this way.” They split and Mellin knew the minotaur was following him straight as the armor clinked after him. The plan would work.

He ducked round a corner, then another as Darus approached down a hallway. He cast a quick spell, whispering, “keep his back to me, I need 6 seconds.” As the minotaur rounded the corner, Darus engaged, luring the minotaur into place for the lightning bolt.

The advanced Des arc can be used to create sound, as in the Amplify Voice spell. Since this is just a whisper, we don’t need much to transfer it. 30 dB of sound and sufficient range should be plenty to get the message across. This formulation averages 35 dB. There is a small chance that it will be to quiet to hear. There is a slightly larger chance that it will be louder than we want. However, it is mostly likely to land around a whisper. This chance could be improved with a longer spell and a power reduction syllable.

Left Hand:

Ku (Physical Radius): Wind (Indirect)

Des (Energy Arc):

Des (Energy Arc): Wind (Indirect)

Ku (Physical Radius):

Sound is hard to do fast, but this spell does alright. from 16 feet away, he can make a sound like a whisper. The best part of this spell is that it would just be a lot easier to pull off with the Throw Voice ability. With more power (read time and SP) this spell could also produce a remote shout like Throw Voice can.

The spell as written costs 28 SP, it takes 4.67 seconds to cast with 15 Dex and no agility for a left handed caster.

Did you like seeing the construction of a situation specific spell? It demonstrates the purpose of the Mind Weave spell system. Any spells you want to see? Suggest them below and we might get to them on a later Saturday.

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