Vanias-Mother of Trethal

Vanias-Mother of Trethal (Deity)

She is loving and calm. She uplifts the diligent and respectful of life, but especially the kind. She abhors waste and destruction.

She fits among the calmer, more powerful gods because of her determination toward the good of Trethal as a whole. Her followers are those who seek to cultivate the earth of the world and defend its well being. She shares the feelings of Trethal itself and of her plants.

Alignment: Neutral Neutral (-1, 1)

Worshipers: Farmers, Healers

Symbols: corn, wheat

Colors: yellow, green, brown

Blessing: +1d10 damage against the unnatural (undead, demons, elementals, etc).

Gifts of Power: Heal, Growth, Enrich Soil, Resurrect, Call Rain, Control Nature

Artifacts: Vanias’ Harvester, Cultivating Hoe, Surveyor’s Cap

Would your character worship Vanias? She’s mostly a layman’s deity, not much use to an adventurer. Would you still use her as part of your characterization and motivation? Let us know in the comments below. 

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