The Temple Complex at Tripik

Before we look at the temple complex, it’s important to remember that Tripik was built in very different times than the current state of affairs. Tripik was founded in a golden of age of divine power and great energy. During that time, the more elemental gods ruled and only a few gods of principle held much power at all. Times have changed, most of the elemental gods have lost much of their power and the gods of principle are now in control. In light of that change, Tripik has ceased to be the religious capital it once was in the North. Very few any longer make pilgrimages to ill-maintained shrines housed there.TripikTemples

The Calldinkel gnomes who founded Tripik revered Korgaran above all other deities. The temple complex was built around his mighty temple, also recognizing the deities he was closest to and other deities with strong followings in the area. Korgaran’s temple contains many puzzles and secrets, in keeping with his usual operating procedure.

Mythalis was Korgaran’s closest ally in the early age. It was together that they cut a deal for power between four key elemental deities of varied alignments to consolidate power in the region. This deal was key to Korgaran’s power in the North and he recognizes Mythalis with a temple of his own.

The four elemental deities involves in the deal were Omalin (Neutral Good water deity), Glaineth (Lawful Good wind deity), Quudala (Neutral Evil earth deity), and Grethgan (Chaotic Evil fire deity). As part of the treaty, Korgaran gave them spaces for shrines in the temple complex in addition to the dungeons he agreed to build for them to compete in. Their favorability in the area later declines and their shrines see little use.

Also included are Styth and Dainlen, who as knowledge deities have always been widely respected. Their shrines are sometimes visited by historians with a love of knowledge who come to revel in the oldest known shrines to the two deities.

Enethail is present because in that ancient time, she and her Soquianan ruled almost undisputed in Trethal, especially the central continents. She also had a significant body of worshipers in the area in the form of the Nekolyn nomads. Now that the Soquianan are all but extinct and her power has greatly diminished, very few worship at the shrine. Those interested in worshiping her are much more likely to visit her followers, the Order of the Blazing Sword, in Val Kydnt. The Order sometimes visits this ancient shrine, but troubles of late prevent them.

The Calldinkel gnomes worshiped Korgaran and developed machines to please him, but they also depended on Duethain for help in smithing the complex pieces, as well as high quality weapons to sell.

Chitalin, who took power when Enethail fell, had always had strength enough to be her primary rival. His power had been especially potent in the northern regions where winters were long and frigid. His shrine was something of a peace offering, both to him and to the western yetis and northern gnolls.

Lastly, Vanias has a shrine mostly to satisfy the tenant farmers who came to make up most of the population. She was widely worshiped at the time because it was well known that her followers did not go hungry. Her shrine still sees use from the farming vagabonds remaining in Tripik.

Though many of the shrines lie abandoned, loyal followers of Korgaran in the city keep the grounds well kept and the temple of Korgaran well preserved. A few of the other spaces (Mythalis‘ Temple, Styth‘s Shrine, Dainlen‘s Shrine, Enethail‘s Shrine, and Vanias‘ Shrine) are also tended by occasional pilgrims or worshipers in the area.

Though most of the shrines have lost most of their dressings, treasures, and artifacts over the centuries, Korgaran‘s highly protected temple still hides many treasures.

Would you as a player spend time investigating the temple complex? What would you expect to find? As a Master Weaver, what might happen? Let us know in the comments below.

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