Omalin-Spirit upon Fresh Waters

Omalin-Spirit upon Fresh Waters (Deity)

She is passive and open. She loves steadiness and calm, but especially music. She abhors dams and discord.

The good gods mostly consider her graceful but fragile and see her as a little sister. Her worshipers tend to be passive supporters of good and she protects them and lifts them up in the waters. She hears all music (but at will can shut it out) and can see from all fresh water. She seeks a slow advance of good.

Alignment: Neutral Good (2, 7)

Worshipers: Ferrymen, Halflings, Fishermen, Bards

Symbols: water, instruments (harp)

Colors: white, yellow, light blue

Blessing: +1 damage per level in play instrument/sing if performing while fighting.

Gifts of Power: River Map, Sweet Rain, Create Water, Water Breathing, Fish Call, Lake Current, Turn River Course

Artifacts: Harp of Waters, Fishing Flute, Barge of Safe Journeys

Would your character worship Omalin? Unlikely, since her worshipers don’t like to get involved in the world in big ways. Would you enjoy playing a character who is involved against his will? Let us know in the comments below. 

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