Glaineth-The Source of Gentle Winds

Glaineth-The Source of Gentle Winds (Deity)

She is gentle and calm. She values tranquility and hope, but mostly compassion. She is saddened by hate and selfishness.

Passive and gentle, she is a motherly figure among good gods and her followers see her this way when they seek her aide. Her most devoted followers work on the water and she fights to keep the sea winds gentle for their sake. She can walk wherever she likes on the winds and can feel Trethal’s surface as with hands 5 miles long and wide with great sensitivity.

Alignment: Lawful Good (6, 4)

Worshipers: Merchants, Fishermen

Symbols: wind, geese

Colors: white, yellow, silver

Blessing: 30 mph winds with blows.

Gifts of Power: Farspeak, Farhear, Know, Guide Winds, Gust of Wind, Calm Storm, Wind Walking

Artifacts: Glaineth’s Hand, Sailing Crop, Wind Eye

Would your character worship Glaineth? She could be really useful at sea. Would accept a gentle deity for the benefits of wind control? Let us know in the comments below. 

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