Quudala-Earth Mistress of the Deep Creatures

Quudala-Earth Mistress of the Deep Creatures (Deity)

She is loving and vicious. She supports wildness and bloodiness, but especially passion. She hates order and calm.

A strange and backward goddess who rules among the evils of the deep. Her allies and powers are many and her worshipers are loved and hated passionately according to the quality of their service. The beasts of the deep share their senses with her and she can move through the warm earth as a vibration.

Alignment: Neutral Evil (-2, -6)

Worshipers: Goblins, Drow, Livecaps, Gnomes

Symbols: worms, fungus

Colors: brown, black, green

Blessing: Wounds contract gangrene.

Gifts of Power: Earth Swell, False Wall, Mud Being, Pass Wall, Eternal Darkness, Infrared Vision, Create Tunnel Maze

Artifacts: Earthen Cloak, Digger’s Gauntlets, Vibration Helm

Would your character worship Quudala? She has some real exploration and otherwise useful abilities, especially underground. Would you be willing to accept her tenants in exchange for power in the right situations? Let us know in the comments below. 

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