Mythalis-Ambassador of Hope

Mythalis-Ambassador of Hope (Deity)

He is convincing and true. He loves the negotiators and the eloquent, but especially the hopeful. He opposes warmongers and despair.

He is an organizer among the gods and seeks the unity of good races for the hope of Trethal. His worshipers are a part of this effort and once deserving of his trust win great powers in their work. He is able to see any negotiation and nobility and the sight of his followers. He is often directly involved in negotiations between the gods and in the Realm of Tranquility.

Alignment: Lawful Good (7, 6)

Worshipers: Ambassadors, Leaders, Archons

Symbols: quill, clasped hands

Colors: blue, gold, white

Blessing: 1d10 extra damage when used against an enemy after first trying to negotiate.

Gifts of Power: Animate, Strength of Word, Empower Truth, Charm, Herald Goodly Folk

Artifacts: Rod of the Negotiator, Motivation Reading Circlet, Treaty Pen

Would your character worship Mythalis? He’s good for keeping out of trouble, which means he clashes with the sensibilities of most characters. Would you play a diplomat to put his abilities to use? Let us know in the comments below. 

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