Character Thursday-Lirian Harrow (“Mayor” of Tripik)

Not a high level, so his personal power is very little, but his position power in Tripik is incredible. The people respect him and his authority.

Backstory and Levels 1-3:

Lirian was born the bastard son of a wandering elf with a winning personality and a naive human woman living in Tripik. He inherited his father’s force of personality and his mother’s good nature. He did his best to contribute to everyone’s survival in Tripik Though only a fair hunter, his willingness to serve meant that he was the most recognized when he returned from the snow with meat for the stew or wood for the fire. He was beloved by all and was soon a trusted aide of the mayor. When the mayor died one winter, it fell to him to get the people through the remaining snowy months. He performed admirably and few have questioned his authority since.

Strength: 6, Constitution: 13, Dexterity: 15,

Wisdom: 12, Intelligence: 12, Charisma: 22

Abilities: Persuade II, Gather Followers I, Convince I

Skills: Diplomacy III

Lirian is a Half-Elf, Half-Human, so I gave kinda half bonuses from each race. It worked well. He’s classed as a hunter, so all his attribute gain has to go toward becoming a ranger, but his abilities can be diplomatic like the rest of his build. He levels up too rarely to ever make it to ranger. I built him with 70 point buy.

As an NPC, the players will most likely deal with him if they visit Tripik, but he’ll act primarily as the mouthpiece for large factions in the Tripik population. Most of what he can offer them in terms of information they could get from the people themselves, but he can offer a better reward for such services.

How would you deal with a character like Lirian? Would you consider him a valuable ally? As a Master Weaver, how would you play him? Let us know in the comments below.  

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