Ability Tuesday-Foresight

Trance Gemini had this ability and tons of SP

With this ability, a character can tell what is going to happen in the future. At a rate of 120 SP per hour, he can look ahead into events that will occur around him on his current course. Mechanically in the game, this amounts to the character’s player declaring that he is now looking ahead and then the players playing on. Each hour of play after the declaration, the character spends 2 SP per minute until either declaring he has seen enough or saying he wants to go back to a certain point. Upon declaring he has seen enough, the game continues normally, but the character stops losing SP. If he chooses to go back, everything returns to the state when he first declared he was looking ahead, except he has spent the SP used for Foresight. Note that the SP expenditure alone of using Foresight might change the future.

Monks and Illusionists can learn this ability, but it can be part of backstories as well.

Would this be one of the core abilities for your character? It can help avoid problems, but can suck up enough SP to make it harder to solve coming problems. How would you use it? Let us know in the comments below.

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2 Responses to Ability Tuesday-Foresight

  1. Matt Harris says:

    question – how can you possibly use this in any meaningful way when you can’t actually see the future and cannot predict what people will do?
    just a curious passing gamer question

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