Monster Monday-Temple Guard

TempleGuardThe temple was eerily silent after dark. Dirk moved silently in the front on hairy, bare feet. Brandur’s torch flickering behind him made him uncomfortable, but the oaf would just be louder in the utter dark of the unlit temple.

He heard a sound like grinding stone, like a trap being triggered. It stopped as he hesitated mid-step. Nothing seemed to happen.

He took another step and a sound like a deluge of rock roared above him. To his surprise, strong, cold hands grabbed him. Brandur cried out.

Temple Guard

Health Points: 2d6+15

Spell Points: None

Attack: Grappling; 1d4 (punches), speed 2.

Dexterity: 16

Strength: 24

Intelligence: 12

Speed: 24 (only in temple walls, ceilings, and floors)

Armor: Damage is done as material damage using the hardness of the temple stone.

Special: Grab IV, Crush IV, Hand Fighting IV

Wall moving is heard on a perception check against 40 minus movement speed (40-M).

Description: Deities often demand mighty temples built in their name for their worship and to serve their other purposes. These purposes sometimes include storing treasure offerings and divine artifacts. Such hordes of powerful items and valuable treasures invariably attract thieves. Certain deities will protect their temples with divine facsimiles known as temple guards.

Temple guards are able to move through the walls of the temple for which they were created. They will patrol through the temple and watch entrances. If an intruder is detected, they will gather and prepare an ambush. They are aware that they can be heard when moving quickly and so will creep into place before leaping out and grappling from the walls.

Due to their great strength, temple guards engage primarily in strength grapples. Being made of the same stone as the temple, they can be hard to damage with weapons. A temple guard can reach out far as 4 feet from a given wall or ceiling in order to strike. If grappling isn’t working well, they may double team the enemy or resort to hit and run punch attacks.

As a player, how would you fight a Temple Guard? Would you consider them a danger was you enter a temple? As a Master Weaver, would you use them? How? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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