Saturday Spell-Feather Fall

FeatherFallDarius looked forward to see Tammis come to a sudden halt. The Nekolyn spun, “cliff! No escape this way!”

“We can’t go around,” Taka protested, catching up. “They’ve hemmed us in. We have to go down. Everyone for himself.” The Kobold began to climb, moving quickly down the rocks.

“I’m sorry, Daruis,” Tammis murmured. “He’s right, I can’t help you down, you’re on your own.” The Nekolyn jumped from the cliff, spreading his arms.

Darius looked at the oncoming hordes in disbelief, but he knew what he had to do. He had but one skill set and he needed to make it work for this. He had to think fast. He cast a spell and leaped.

Well, let’s see what Darius came up with. As a Kobold with levels in climb, Taka can climb fairly fast. Tammis is even better off, a Nekolyn monk with plenty of levels in soften fall. Darius needs a safe way down that he can cast quickly, lets say he has 6 seconds and the cliff is 100 feet.

The need for fast casting rules out flight and teleport. There’s probably a cheaper solution anyway. All he really needs is a part of the 125 mph wind drag (terminal velocity) to slow his descent, effectively reducing the height from which he fell.

To have a fairly safe landing, he just needs to reduce the effective height to under 10 feet. That means creating a maximum falling speed of about 10 feet per second or 7 mph. This means it will take over 10 seconds to reach the ground. We need maybe 6 rounds of 118 mph of wind. That’s 6 ‘on’ DoP of wind and one Chaos finger (or Order if we’re faster on the right hand). I’m going to go with a time focused variant and assume no bonus DoP.

Left Hand:

Ros (Travel Radius): Wind (Full), Chaos (Full)

Oh (Wind Arc):

Oh (Wind Arc): Wind (Full)

Ros (Travel Radius):

saying “on (x2), wu (empower self), juo (encharge)”

And bam, Darius hits the ground with minimal damage if any. Bonus DoP would be best used to drop the second wind arcs and second wind finger, reducing the casting time of the spell as well as the cost by nearly half. Any extra speed reduction would have him falling so slow he’s still be near the top of the cliff and hovering helplessly when the enemy arrived.

The spell as written costs 96 SP, it takes 5 seconds to cast with 15 Dex and no agility for a left handed caster. The reduced version using bonus DoP is a 2.67 second spell and costs 64 SP, much less efficient, as demonstrated in yesterday’s post, for being shorter, but hey, bonus DoP are free.

Did you like seeing the construction of a situation specific spell? It demonstrates the purpose of the Mind Weave spell system. Suggest them below and we might get to them on a later Saturday.

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