Korgaran-God of Machinations

Korgaran-God of Machinations (Deity)

He is manipulative and clever. He strengthens the cunning and influential, but especially the inventive. He despises laziness and simplicity.

Korgaran is a minor deity of Trethal with only a few bodies of worshipers. He is best known for the absurd changing structures and machines built by his worshipers and himself. He and his followers are responsible most notably for the Rotating Labyrinth, but also for other such mazes and artifacts around Mount Tore, Mount Call, and Mount Boor. Depending on his needs, he will ally himself with both good and evil deities. His powers available to followers fluctuate with his power and alliances.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral (4, 1)

Worshipers: Axelwrought Dwarves, Calldinkel Gnomes

Symbols: gear, measuring tools, construction tools

Colors: grey, brown, yellow

Blessing: Blows have 15% chance of disabling struck mechanical machines.

Gifts of Power: Control Machine, Destroy Machine, Machinist’s Inspiration, Tangled Web Weaving, Change Structure

Artifacts: Machinist’s Ring, Rod of Measuring Once, Glitch Bombs, Manipulator’s Gown

Korgaran strikes near my engineer’s heart. I’m glad my brother proposed him as his character’s deity. Would you serve Korgaran, a lesser deity perhaps not capable of helping any but the most fervent of followers, in order to get his specific gifts? Are his gifts interesting enough for you to build a character around? Let us know in the comments below. 

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