World Building Wednesday-Tripik and Mount Call

SevenPeakWoodsClosestWe’ve spent a lot of time on the four slopes of Mount Durn (North WestSouth EastSouth West, North East) and the people in the area. I intend to cover the rest of the Seven Peak Woods more quickly with broader maps of each region. I’ll explore details about them over time as well, but not as vigorously as I did with Mount Durn.

Another of the seven mountains, Mount Call, was long home to the Calldinkel gnomes (involved in the demon war that resulted in the building of the Rotating Labyrinth). A fair sized town of humans and gnomes formed nearby, supporting trade with the Calldinkel gnomes.TripikAndMountCall

The town was originally named for the three peaks visible from it (Mount Call, Mount Durn, and Mount Tore). Since the demise of the Calldinkel gnomes, its name has devolved to Tripik, and its population has eroded, leaving most of the buildings abandoned. Most of the remnant of the Calldinkel gnomes still live in the town, dreaming of one day reclaiming their mountain tunnels.

As is common in regions populated by gnomes (especially those worshiping the God of Machinations: Korgaran), the region around Mount Call and Tripik is littered with mysterious locations and happenings. Even some well-known ruins remain unexplored, whether due to discouraging rumors and legends, or due to the danger within.

As a player, would you visit Tripik?  Would you want to investigate some of the gnome ruins and other strange rumors in the area? As a Master Weaver, would you like to run a campaign or at least some quests in the area? What kinds of things would you hide there? Let us know below.

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