The Ruined Tower

RuinedTowerWhen the Durns first began to secure the peak of what is now called Mount Durn, their intention was mostly military. They intended to use the peak as high ground to survey the surrounding area before expanding. To that end, they built their castle high on the South Eastern slope of the mountain where they could look out from South to East. They also built a watch tower on the opposite side of the mountain, on a foot hill where they could observe the North Western slope and vale, including the Interriver Vale.

The tower stood for hundreds of years, but in a period when the Durns were confident and content and evil had not yet begun again to encroach on their territory, the tower was suddenly attacked and destroyed. Unable to recapture and rebuild the tower, the Durns remain blinded to that slope of the mountain. As Val Kydnt is out of contact, the Durns are considering an effort to regain that lookout point and add it to their holdings.

Mechanically, this map is basically just an encounter location to act as a finale for a side quest to help the Durns retake the tower. Maybe a group of bandits or an orc hunting party is camped inside. Despite its ruinous state, an alert enemy could easily use some of the remaining ledges and arrow loops to a defensive advantage. The players may find some treasures in the remaining basement.

For a more extended quest, the players may have to also defend the tower from retaliating orc forces, perhaps multiple times while the tower is being rebuilt. I’m curious if my players will bite onto this one.

Would you consider running a side quest to retake this tower? As a player, would you take it? How would you go about it? What kind of support would you expect from the Durns? What kind of opposition would you expect from the evil elements? Please comment below and let us know.

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