Cedric’s Compound

CedricsCompoundSouth of the fortified bridge controlled by Durn and on the edge of elven woods, Cedric Brawnpaw has a small palisade and tree house compound. The compound is primarily intended to be used as a last stand against evil in the area, but Cedric also hosts wandering rangers from time to time and will on rare occasions invite new friends to rest there.

The compound consists of a low (5 foot) palisade in a square, well disguised in the brush, and 4 tree platforms at its center.

The lowest and largest is walled and roofed with several arrow loops. It is high enough for archers to shoot out of the palisade, but low enough to have a view of most of the ground within the palisade. This room is used for quartering most guests.

The second platform is significantly higher than the first and much smaller. It is also walled with a few arrow loops and serves as quarters for Cedric’s most trusted visitors. It is high enough to look over the lower platform and archers there can hit most of the area immediately outside the palisade.

The third platform is small and unwalled. It is primarily a way point to the final and highest platform, Cedric’s own quarters, which has a few arrow loops as well and is high above everything else. When he’s in the compound, he’s usually there, keeping an eye on the surrounding forest.

As a player, would you want to make a stand in Cedric’s compound? As a Master Weaver, would you lure the players into attacking it? Let us know below.

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