World Building Wednesday-The Durns and Their Holdings

DurnHoldingsI once mentioned the Durn family in connection with Dalifan and Durnabey Castle. Today I want to talk more about their (diminishing) holdings in the area surrounding the peak of Mount Durn. As evil closes in, are focused more than ever on their remaining fortifications and are even beginning to admit they need help from other races, perhaps the Wood Elves to the South or the Nekolyn Gypsies to the East.

The primary Durn holding is their ancestral castle, Durnabey, built on a man-made island in an artificially widened spot of the Durn river, high near the springs that feed the river. It has stood for over a thousand years and its builders are buried in the northern most burial mounds West of Dalifan. If they must lose Dalifan and the burial mounds, the Durn family will in order to hold the castle. It is a very impressive fortress with thick walls, a strong gate and draw bridge, and high towers. Their troops are well trained, though few.

Later this week, I will go into some small detail about their other resources and potential allies. These include their fortified bridge, a ruined tower they once held, the Nekolyn Gypsy camps, and Cedric Brawnpaw: a powerful Nekolyn ranger with a small compound in the area.

As a player, would you help the Durns?  As a Master Weaver, what enemies and allies would you expect to come into play? How would you play the conflict between distrusting parties? Let us know below.

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