Nekolyn Gypsy Camps

DurnHoldingsThough Dalifan and the Durns are very mistrusting of non-humans, the Durns have long tolerated the presence of Nekolyn Gypsies on their Eastern hunting grounds. Though these Gypsies steal from and cheat the people of Dalifan (and therefore account for much of the mistrust of other races among the people), they have proven invaluable for keeping back evils on that front. Yes, they are disreputable, uncouth, and dishonest, but they are good warriors, and they understand well the need keep the enemy at bay. The Durns have begun to consider forming closer ties with them.Nekolyns

The ancestors of the Mount Durn Nekolyn have frequented the region since before the Durns built Durnabey. Many of the old trails around Mount Durn were cut by ancient Nekolyn nomads. Some of these trails were used and expanded by the Durns when they settled the area, but most have been swallowed up by the regrown forest.

The Nekolyn began to withdraw when the Durn began to tame the wild region. When Dalifan was founded they moved their hunting grounds permanently into the East. Only a small faction remained, choosing the ease offered by living in the shelter of Durnabey and Dalifan. Their descendants became the Gypsies now so distrusted by the citizens of Dalifan.

Despite their long descent into decadence, the Nekolyn Gypsies remain skilled hunters, dedicated trail blazers, and shrewd traders. Many of their number are classed as hunters, rangers, thieves, fighters, and rogues.

As a player, would you be interested in contacting the Nekolyn Gypsies? Would you follow their ancestors’ trails? As a Master Weaver, how would you use them? Let us know below.

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