Fortified Bridge

FortifiedBridgeSouth West of Durnabey, on the road to Woodlin and Lyseria, the Durns have a fortified bridge almost as old as Durnabey itself. Due to its position on the most important road into Dalifan, it is much better defended than the bridges up river and down river (which are used mostly by unsavory elements the Durns are opposed to). The Durns have committed a large force to hold the bridge, but it has recently been threatened by bandits and orcs in the area. 

I once ran a campaign where the orcs in the area destroyed this bridge in retaliation for player actions. As a player, would you make an effort to hold the bridge? Would the loss of the bridge be a poignant one for you? As a Master Weaver, would you destroy a landmark like this to indicate the enemy is serious? What if the players tried to hold it against overwhelming odds? Let us know below.

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