Monster Monday-Nekolyns

Another in the humanoids are monsters series. Humanoids behave rationally, unlike other monsters, and so are more likely to negotiate and compromise. Their ability to have classes and powers like those of player characters also makes them powerful and varied foes. I try to make my races different in order to add a variety of flavors to the game.

Nekolyns are members of the Exile pack, like Osprytes and Livecaps. They are the playable race with highest land speed besides the perpetually mounted Centaurs. Along with other traits, this makes them especially talented speed fighters and assassins.Nekolyns

Nekolyns possess many cat-like features, including retractable claws. Their faces are bearded like a lynx, especially the males. They are human-sized, but have a slightly longer gestation period, usually birthing 2-4 kittens in a litter. They are shorter lived than humans, but only a little, living to as much as 60 years if they get lucky.

Nekolyns are primarily nomadic, traveling in large groups with dozens of families. They rarely settle down in one place for long. In there wanderings, they mostly stay to forests and jungles, but they can be found in other places. It is not uncommon for individual Nekolyns or small groups to integrate themselves with other societies, usually as guides, spies, assassins, or thieves.

Though human sizes, they are are slender and agile like the shorter elves, having a speed of 27. They are slender and fit, well suited for long distance running (-1 Strength, +1 Constitution). They are very cunning (+2 Intelligence) and careful (+1 Wisdom). They are known for their nimble fingers, though not as dexterous as Halflings and Kobolds (+3 Dexterity). They are egocentric and arrogant, and while they know well enough to leave each other alone, their abrasive nature is a large part of why they are outcasts (-4 Charisma).

Nekolyns gain +2 on all Stealth checks, +5 on climb checks, and +1 foot to maximum vertical jump and +5 to jump speed.


Nekolyns are fixated on survival in their rough conditions. This often means that they train themselves as specialized warriors.

Fighter-Nekolyns are slow to choose hand-to-hand combat, but they have a love of archery and some of them become very skilled with fast, light weapons. Fighter acolytes are quite common in their wandering bands as guards and hunters.

NekolynMonkMonk-Nekolyns take themselves very seriously to a cat, but some of them are particularly serious, taking meditation and pondering. The open handed fighting style of many monks is also benefited by their sharp claws. These warriors also exploit high skill weapons in their combat.

Thief-The stealth bonus and the incredible mobility attained by Nekolyns makes them well suited to thievery. Whether young scouts for the caravan or lone street urchins in a city, Nekolyns are formidable thieves.

NekolynAssassinAssassin-Nekolyns are sneaky, able to get into places others can’t reach, and deadly accurate; this makes them extremely well suite to assassin work. Some Nekolyn bands frown on this form of employment, but others rely on it as a primary source of tribe economy. Lone Nekolyns often find this line of work to be very profitable.

NekolynArcherRanger-Nekolyns generally spend most of their lives wandering in the wilds. They never farm and hunting is their most natural source of food. Many Nekolyns will move beyond the skill of an average hunter, tracking their prey and receiving information from nature itself. The join in the ranged tradition of Nekolyn societies.

Rogue-Just as Nekolyns can make skilled assassins, they can become formidable snipers, loving both stealth and archery. These paragons of Nekolyn archery are well known by their neighbors and may even by recruited by militaries for their skill with a bow.

Nekolyns are generally aloof of the politics and wars of other nations and will generally not get involved unless the highest bidder is offering enough. They value survival equipment and weapons, but they are not immune to the allure of circles of shiny metal. Other races have trouble trusting a Nekolyn not on their payroll, and even then they try not to let it out of sight.

Nekolyns have the highest dexterity available without a loss in speed, making them great hit and run stealth characters. Would you play one? How would you handle a group of Nekolyns raiding caravans on a forest road? How would you use them as a Master Weaver? Let us know in the comments below!

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