Saturday Spell-Fire Resistance

FireResistance“These orcs are clever, that circle of twigs will burn until their reinforcements arrive.” Micheal lamented. “We’re going to have to pull out. Pity, too. They’d have been easy pickings.”

“Filn, can you protect me against fire?” Riek questioned, drawing sword and dagger.

“Sure thing,” Filn began casting, the orcs were demoralized seeing the human step calming though the flames.

Left Hand:

Dain (Occult Radius): Fire (Full), Chaos (Full)

Ful (Fire Arc):

Ful (Fire Arc): Fire (Full)

Ful (Fire Arc):

Ful (Fire Arc): Fire (Full)

Ful (Fire Arc):

Ful (Fire Arc): Fire (Full)

Dain (Occult Radius):

saying “on (x2 power), ru (augment), juo (encharge)”

This spell is marginally useful. It functions like the Stone Skin spell mechanically, but protects against fire. It’s only advantage over a magic protection type spell is that it also protects against mundane fire, which can happen. A clever caster will make the spell not protect the target’s skin, but a small bubble around the target, thereby protecting clothes and equipment as well.

This 16 DoP, half-man to man-sized encharge can have 4-6 one turn charges with total power of 180 to distribute as fire resistance, which uses the armor equations. I’m gonna go with 4 charges at 45 fire resistance each for 79% protection against fire.

For longer, but lesser, protection, more chaos fingers could be used to get more charges, but this reduces the total power and distributes it more. However, since armor type effects have diminishing marginal returns, charges with 12 fire resistance and therefore 50% protection might be fine for your needs. Additional help from bonus DoP may make this more plausible.

As stated elsewhere, it has a 172 SP cost and takes over 10 seconds to cast for most casters without agility.

Any spells you would like to see implemented in the Mind Weave spell system?  Had enough fire spells yet?  What would you like to see that’s different?  Suggest them below and we might get to them on a later Saturday.

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