Ability Tuesday-Throw Object/Person

ThrowPersonA slight variation on the Wield Object/Person ability, the form and technique is completely different, but the use of strength and improvised weapons is familiar. Often the only projectile in reach is a table or chair, perhaps more often the only projectile in reach is the goblin scum poking its spear at you. This ability allows the character to make use of such always-available projectiles. It can also be very useful for getting rid of troublesome foes through the art of defenestration.

As when wielding a person, throwing a person requires that the person first be overwhelmed in a strength grapple. The range a person or object can be thrown depends on the strength of the thrower and the weight of the thrown. The damage done is also dependent on the weight of the thrown.

Additional levels in Throw Object/Person add to range and accuracy. With 2 additional feet per level at low levels, and 1 foot per level at higher levels, strong and well trained throwers can achieve insane precision at long ranges with even heavy objects, like Stoick the Vast hitting a drake 100 feet away with a wagon. These are the sorts of heroic feats that make it worth investing in Throw Object/Person and Strength for 20 levels. Not to mention the potential for letting gravity dispose of powerful foes when fighting at altitude.

Brawlers and Berserkers primarily get Throw Object/Person.  It is not common as a cross-class or backstory abilities, but of course people will be able to think of ways to justify it.

Do you play the kinds of characters who would get Throw Object/Person?  What kinds of projectiles would you look for?  Comment below to let us know.

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