Monster Monday-Thrasher

TrasherThe horrendous creature—stomach bloated, skin peeling from its face—paid no heed to the arrows striking it as it charged out from the undead horde. Perhaps it had been an orc at one point, but now…

Suddenly it was in among the spearmen, it’s four arms flailing. They never had a chance.


Health Points: 10*level

Spell Points: None

Attack: By weapon, usually two

Special Attack: Thrash. The Thrasher gyrates wildly upon death, over two rounds dealing maximum weapon damage on anyone in reach, as Blade Dance III. Thrash is cut short if the Thrasher drops below -10 hit points.

Dexterity: 16 (no off-hand penalty)

Strength: 20

Speed: 24

Armor: 4 6 4

Description: The thrasher is perhaps the most physically terrifying of the undead.  Their attacks can be devastating and their weapons are generally of fair quality (it picks up the best from among its victims). Thrashers have little regard for other undead or allies and so are often employed by necromancers alone.  Animated berserkers of level higher than 20 will have four arms and often four weapons, such thrashers are highly formidable opponents.

Thrashers are animated berserkers.

As a player, how would you handle an incoming thrasher? As a Master Weaver, would you throw one in as a vanguard to other undead, use one alone, or save it for last? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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