Progress Update-Barely Keeping Up

Between an amazing series of family events over the weekend and my recent obsession with maps, I got seriously behind on drawings and posts for the regular blog schedule this last week. I’ve started pushing the buffer back out again, but I didn’t get any coding done. The most interesting mechanics-related event this week was the merfolk vs ospryte fight. I feel like it reveal a lot about how the classes are balanced and revealed that flight is extremely effective. I still think Osprytes are balanced (just not against enemies willing to stay out in the open against their archers) and I was pleased to see Merfolk perform so well. I think in the near future I’m going to grab some play testers and play these encounters out with two sides to explore further how well things are balanced.

Hopefully more code this week. I am rebuilding the buffer of posts today and should be able to return the code with renewed vigor in the evenings this week. In case you missed it, this is the page I’ll be working on making functional:

CampaignBuilderIt’s a complicated prospect, and I’m gonna be working it out as I go. Single maps first.


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