Saturday Spell-Wild Fire

WildFireThe Orcs hesitated as their foes dropped back several paces. The enemy was well coordinated and they did not know whether to charge or stand their ground.

“Ki Jai,” a cry came from behind the enemy lines. Fire burst forth from between the humans. Five orcs fell, writhing, to the ground. Flames engulfing them.

Right Hand:

Order (Indirect)

Left Hand:

Ku (Physical Radius): Fire (Full), Chaos (Indirect), Wind (Indirect)

Des (Positive Energy Arc):

Ful (Fire Arc):

Dain (Occult Radius):

saying “ki jai”

This is one from the Fire and Battle Spell Book. We’ll explore it more in depth here than there. To review, the spell gets 4d6 base damage, 8 ft of range (to the first target), and dealing 79%, 62%, and 49% percent damage to three random targets.

Now let’s talk about ways we could use bonus DoP in this spell. One bonus DoP can add a 4th target at 38% damage. Another bonus DoP can add a 5th target at 30% damage (remember this can double back after 2 targets). I think this is the best application of bonus DoP if there are 3 tough enemies or 5 or more enemies. After this it becomes highly situationally dependent. Range might be a good option, if we need it, but if we need it then it should probably come before extra targets. Our other options for spending DoP merely increase damage. Adding dice of fire damage increases this damage more quickly than increasing the AoE, but increasing the AoE can flatten the damage across targets while increasing it with a 84%, 70%, 59%, 50% 42% spread. Its a fairly simple optimization, compared to other decisions we could be making.

As stated elsewhere, it has a 58 SP cost and can be cast by a left handed caster with 15 dexterity and no agility in 6 seconds. When firing a spell like this into melee, allies are in as much danger as enemies. It takes coordination for allies to clear out before the spell hits.

Any spells you would like to see implemented in the Mind Weave spell system?  Had enough fire spells yet?  What would you like to see that’s different?  Suggest them below and we might get to them on a later Saturday.

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