Talonrook-Rookery of the Talon Osprytes

TalonrookLocaleTalonrook is a series of caves dug by Osprytes into the cliffs at the southern-most tip of the White Mountain peninsula. This rookery overlooking the Morsenalt Ocean is 300 miles from the Lyseria coast and some of Lyseria’s largest cities, near enough the Osprytes could have relations with Lyseria, if they wanted to. They do not. While a Talon Tribe Ospryte does occasionally make the trip to Norcrest or Avalon, they do not see the benefit from extended relations with the Archon nation.

Talonrook Osprytes do, from time to time, work as guides for ships going between the mainland and Polma or Deif, helping them to navigate the treacherous Celdas and Hebrons waters, usually in exchange for higher quality weapons than they make themselves.Talonrook

They also have extensive relationships with the Merfolk in the area. Though the Talon would just as soon have nothing to do with the Merfolk, the Merfolk claim that when the Talon tribe first migrated to Talonrook they expelled Merfolk from natural, underwater inlets into the cliffs. This combined with competition for ship-guiding work creates strain between the Osprytes and the Merfolk which sometimes escalates to open combat between the parties.

When the Talon first took the cliffs and dug Talonrook, the Merfolk had had no chance of taking back the caves. The Talon of that time had worshiped Bulootine and many of them were Druids and Priests able to control sharks and other beasts, dominating the Merfolk without having to fly close to the water.

Now, the Talon have all but lost their druidic heritage. Their association with sailors—worshipers of Hemlin, enemy of of Bulootine—has caused them to lose Bulootine’s favor. This loss of their major advantage has made their conflict with the Merfolk more perilous. Though they can fairly easily defend against Merfolk land incursions in the caves, they are not so sure in battles on the open ocean. Later today I will post a basic encounter between these two groups.

What kinds of adventures could you plan involving Talonrook? As a player, would you see any reason to go there? Let us know in the comments below.

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