Hemlin-The Keeper of Sailors

Hemlin-The Keeper of Sailors (Deity)

He is joyful and carefree. He values daring and positivity, but especially adventurousness. He despises mutiny and complacence.

Many of the other gods consider him practically human and he tends more to identify with the chaotic good gods. He is very close with his loyal followers and loves to sail with them. He is able to appear on any ship and spends much of his time among sailors, seeking adventure and defending loyal followers.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral (6,1)

Worshipers: Sailors, Pirate Hunters

Symbols: rope, ship

Colors: blue, white, yellow

Blessing: Remove up to -6 off-balance penalty.

Gifts of Power: Strength, Gust of Wind, Farsight, Navigate, Repair Wood

Artifacts: Sailor’s Rope, Sea Cutlass, Compass of Desire

Hemlin is one of the lesser deities of Trethal. Would your character worship him? Why? Let us know in the comments below. 

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