Encounter: Osprytes Vs Merfolk

WaterVsAirI made Talonrook and prepared this post primarily in response to my wife’s interest in a Ospryte vs Merfolk battle. I have no idea how it will turn out. Each side has 3 level 2 characters rolled as average NPCs (found here). As such, many are still acolytes. It should be a fair fight, if I balanced the races properly. Here goes.

Round 0

Both sides see each other with plenty of time to prepare and posture, each side waiting for the other to make a move.

Round 1

The tension breaks when Bliud surfaces to throw a javelin at Lieik, who rolls (15*1.8) to evade it. Lieik then swoops down, stabbing with his spear (12*2.3+1) and Bliud dodges unsuccessfully (6*2.1<16) taking (1d8+1)*1.2=9.6 damage (Bliud at 17.4). Tiral throws another javelin Lieik’s way (8*2.3+1=19.4), and he dodges upward unsuccessfully (9*1.8<20), which is fine; Tiral missed anyway, but barely. Kra’a shoots at Bliud (7*2.5+1) and misses as well. Skraa glides toward Tiral, beginning to cast a lightning bolt, and Lilinia begins to cast a fireball, both of them using greater casting to boost their spells.

Round 2

Bliud uses his double jump to leap after Lieik, grappling. He uses a strength grapple (15*1.6=24) against Lieik’s intelligence grapple (14*0.9=12.6) to stay free, a difference of 11.4, putting Bliud in a superior position, dragging Lieik into the water. The next round of grapple is (Strength) 12*1.6=19.2 vs (Intelligence) 16*0.9=14.4, putting Bliud in a +10.5 vs -5.7 advantage. Lieik takes 9.6 grapple damage (of 42).

Kra’a takes another shot at Bliud (11*2.5+1=28.5), hitting him for 3 damage (Bliud at 14.4). Tiral meanwhile throws a javelin at Skraa, who is at the middle of javelin range, (14*2.3-1+1=32.2) hitting him for (4*1.4+1=6.6) damage (Skraa at 5.4). Skraa has a 66% chance of his spell being interrupted, but rolls 100, avoiding interruption. He finishes casting his basic lightning bolt (2 Des Arcs, 2 Ku Radii, one wind (indirect) finger), crying “ki jai” to release the bolt (To-Hit 8*2.5=20). Tiral attempts to dodge (13*1.918<25) and takes 2*2d6 energy damage for 16, dropping Tiral to 6.5 HP. Lilinia meanwhile finishes her spell striking Kra’a for 2*2d6 fire damage for 6, dropping Kra’a to 6 HP.

Round 3

Bliud continues to grapple Lieik this round 13*1.6=20.8 vs 16*0.9=14.4 and his advantage grows to +16.5 vs -5.7, Lieik takes 8 grapple damage (17.6 of 42 total). Then 4*1.6=6.4 vs 13*0.9=11.7, Lieik winning the grapple with intelligence to move the advantages to 13.85 vs -3.05. Then 15*1.6=24 vs 18*0.9=16.2 going to 21.05 vs -3.05, Lieik takes 6.4 grapple damage (24 of 42 total). And finally 15*1.6=24 vs 17*0.9=15.3 going to 29.75 vs -3.05, Lieik taking 1.6 grapple damage (25.6 of 42 total). At this point, Lieik is holding his breath as his head goes under water (he can hold his breath nearly a minute and a half).

Seeing Lieik faring so badly, Kra’a shoots Bliud again (8*2.5+1=21), hitting for 3 damage (Bliud at 11.4). Kra’a meanwhile attempts to escape the range of future spells. Tiral throws another javelin at Skraa, (11*2.3+1=26.3). Skraa attempts to dodge (6*1.8=10.8) and fails, taking (3*1.4+1=5.2) damage (Skraa at 0.2). Skraa continues at high speeds away from the battle, casting a healing spell. Lilinia begins casting another spell, emphasizing range in order to reach Kra’a.

Round 4

The grapple continues with 16*1.6=25.6 vs 9*0.9=8.1 making the advantage +33.5 vs -5.7 and taking Lieik’s grapple damage to 35.2 of 42. Another round gives Bliud more advantage and adds 4*1.6=6.4 grapple damage for 41.6 of 42. Lieik narrowly wins the next round, not enough to escape. Bliud then wins a round, rendering Lieik unconscious for 2 rounds and more importantly causing him to stop holding his breath. Unless soon rescued, he will drown.

Tiran cannot hit Skraa or Kra’a with his last javelin, and moves to help Bliud hold Lieik down, retrieving a javelin on the way. Kra’a shoots Lilinia, doing 4 damage and interrupting her spell (Lilinia has 5 HP remaining). Skraa heals himself back to full (using his last Greater Casting boost) and turns slowly back toward the battle, preparing for a high pass, he still has plenty of Spell Points remaining. Lilinia begins casting again.

Round 5

While Bliud and Tiran wait with javelins at the ready, Kra’a fires on Lilinia again, dealing 4 damage, but not interrupting the spell (Lilinia has 1 HP remaining). Skraa continues to correct his flight path, approaching a path that would bring him 30 feet over the cluster in 5 turns at a slow glide. Lilinia continues to cast, striving for the range necessary to hit Kra’a as he ascends.

Round 6

Kra’a fires another shot, dropping Lilinia to -2 and bleeding out. As she sinks, Tiran grabs her and begins to tend her wounds, pulling her deeper. Deciding to quit while they’re ahead, Bliud also dives, pulling Lieik down with him.


By the time Skraa arrives back on the scene, the merfolk are far too deep for him to cast a spell after them. Even a few feet of water is too much for Kra’a’s arrows to penetrate. They must give up on Lieik and consider the skirmish a loss. If the merfolk had not withdrawn, they would probably have defeated them all.

Well dang, that ending was anti-climactic. And so would Kra’a just sniping them to death be; that would be silly. Maybe it could be more interesting if Kra’a gets unlucky (misses often or does little damage) when shooting at Lilinia and never interrupts her spell. She gets the spell off, burning him below 0 HP. Skraa comes through, gliding while he casts, and probably isn’t hit by the javelins at his height of flight. He hits them all with a Chain Lightning spell, probably taking them all out.

It would be a pretty desperate effort for him to keep both Kra’a and Lieik alive, since his SP would be running low. He could hit them with some AoE healing, maybe, but would have trouble towing them.

Did you like seeing an encounter between classed characters? Would you like to see a more traditional one? Let us know in the comments below.

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