Bulootine-Ruler of the Beasts of the Seas

Bulootine-Ruler of the Beasts of the Seas (Deity)

She is wild and loving. She values mercy and courage, but especially true love. She despises hunters and fishermen.

She is a somewhat lonely goddess, the other gods of beasts—such as Nester and Haifsan—being on the land. She has great loyalty among sea beasts but little association with other sea gods. The beasts share their vision with her and she can travel the seas at the speed of sound.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (-6,-1)

Worshipers: Sea Beasts, Sea Druids, Some Merfolk, lovers, coastal elves

Symbols: heart, fish, dolphins

Colors: brown, blue, green

Blessing: Full damage in water.

Gifts of Power: Call Sea Creatures, Speak to Animals, Water Breathing, Swift Swim, Wave Warp

Artifacts: Ring of Proposal, Sea-friend Garter, Deep Breath Amulet

Bulootine is one of the lesser deities of Trethal. Would your character worship her? Why? Let us know in the comments below. 

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