Character Thursday-Druids of the Angry Wilds

DruidsThe Druid Circle at “C” in the Angry Wilds is claimed, watched over, and hosted by four druids. The eldest druid and his two twin students strive to calm the woods and placate it toward the towns in the region. The fourth seeks to do the opposite, stirring up the animals for vengeance and rage.

Krushen has lived in this part of the woods since his youth and has won the trust of most of the animals. The newer generation of animals has grown up with his presence and respect him greatly. They will accept anyone he advocates.

Krushen is a level 14 Druid with very high charisma and many levels in Diplomacy. His abilities are mostly focused on speaking to animals and taking animal forms. He also has many levels in convince and persuade and can be as effective swaying people as he is with animals. His alignment is (1, 5) (good with only slightly lawful leanings).

Tamelo, the male twin, came to Krushen primarily as a means of protecting himself and his sister when his parents’ caravan was killed in an orc attack. Krushen stopped the animals from killing them when they wandered into the Angry Wilds, and Tamelo decided accepting him as a master would keep them safe long term.

Tamelo is a level 5 Druid with high physical attributes (Strength, Constitution, and Dexterity). Though Krushen has succeeded in instilling certain connections with nature in him, Tamelo is primarily skilled in combat. His alignment is (0, 1) (very neutral).

Trailda, Tamelo’s twin sister, took more vigorously to the teachings of Krushen. Unlike Krushen, she found she had a great affinity for plants. The animals like her, but she is mostly enthralled with the flora of the area.

Trailda is a level 4 Druid with many levels in control plant and rapid growth. She is a speaker with skill for understanding the forces of nature and uses the ability to help Krushen, though she grows ever more independent. Her alignment is (-4, 2) (somewhat chaotic and slightly good).

Svadre arrived in the Angry Wilds after Krushen was established there. He had fled accusations of murder in Woodlin and when the charges followed him finally to Dalifan, he escaped into the Angry Wilds, his druidic abilities saving him there.

Svadre is a level 12 Druid who uses both controlled animals and plants to pursue his desires. He is also fairly skilled with weapons. He continues to feel oppressed by the many towns that sought to prosecute him for his crimes and rages against them. His alignment is (-1, 6) (fairly evil with a light chaotic bent).

How would you interact with the occupants of the druid circle? On a high hill near the road, it is pretty noticeable? As a Master Weaver, would Svadre attack your players? Would Krushen rescue them? Let us know in the comments below.  

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