World Building Wednesday-Angry Wilds

The Northeastern slope of Mount Durn is the last one left (Northwest, Southeast, Southwest). It’s the wild side of the mountain with druid groups and little used roads.  It includes the road to the Axelwrought dwarf clan to the North.DurnNortheasternSlope

The Ashen Plain is a many miles wide scar on the land from a battle long past. Since that battle, the wild things of the region have retained their hatred toward all that goes on two legs. This part of the Seven Peak Wood is not kind to travelers.

Mostly, PCs travelling in this area can expect to be attacked by dive bombing birds, screeching hawks, charging deer, wolf packs, and angry bears, but there are some other interesting features in the area. For one, there are two major druid factions that host other druids on full moons at the druid circle. One druid faction seeks to placate the wild creatures toward the humanoids, but another, evil druid (Svadre) is making effort to stir up animals in the area to attack humanoid settlements to the West and South (Val Kydnt and Dalifan). Their relationship with each other is civil, though they have opposing goals.

The Ashen Plain itself is burned trunks and dead soil. Whatever happened there has kept plants from growing there for centuries. It is thought that dark forces still linger there, but whether undead, demons, or something else entirely, no one has been able to confirm.

Featured on the western edge of this map are two entrances to certain Goblin caves, previously mentioned in connection with Tealmüt, the Livecap city deeper down. These underground features present an interesting hook for a story mentioned in the story of Glud Alumb with Goblins flooding up from their caves, but not as invaders, but rather refugees from attacking Livecaps.

As a player, would you avoid this area or try to resolve the age old conflict?  As a Master Weaver, does this slope of the mountain strike you as a good place for a campaign? Let us know below.

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