Progress Update-Balancing Utility

This weekend has been filled with wonderful family affairs, so I haven’t done any functionality coding for the campaign builder. I have, however, had the opportunity to talk with some of the longest standing play testers about changes. I was taken aback when Richard said “you have to balance magic, every character I make I want to take magic.” I was surprised because we had carefully balanced magic with melee and ranged fighters. He clarified that magic was balanced in combat, but not for utility. He always takes at least a few levels in magic for the utility of it. With some discussion, we decided that the 6ish hour full Spell Point recovery was to blame. When a character can recover all his SP in the time that encharges run out, or in a short rest, there is no reason for him to not use all his SP on encharges and recharge them each 6 hours or to otherwise use magic as a catch all to solve problems.

Our solution was to maintain the level 1 Spell Point recovery rate but change the equation so it’s growth rate was behind that of the Spell Point capacity. As a character levels, his SP recovery will now decline as a percentage of his SP capacity. This means that with each level it will take more time to fully recover SP. Very high level characters will be able to cast massive spells, but will take perhaps days to fully recover their SP. (In Mind Weave, with automated time tracking and easy tracking of all monsters, I hope for time pressures to be a significant part of the game.)

We think this will be a good solution and make utility mages more cautious about emptying out, especially at higher levels. It is, however, going to reverberate though the whole system. There are a lot of abilities that use Spell Points and some will be effected more than others by this change. The most effected is Rage. As currently written, rage would become less powerful with level under the new SP recovery rules. We are therefore going to rewrite Rage to account for this. Our initial idea for how to change Rage I think will work well, while making Rage more interesting and more aesthetically pleasing.

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