World Building Wednesday-Carrion Canyon

Carrion Canyon is the narrowest point in the canyon of the White River flowing through the White Mountains and into Lyseria.WhiteMountainsNorth

Carrion Canyon is so called due to the abundance of remains of fish and other prey left on the canyon floor by the Osprytes that live in the cliffs above. The canyon was once used by Dwarves as a choke point in which to build a small fortification.CarrionCanyon

The fort was built before the Dragon Wars and during that time was abandoned as the Rephiam pushed out from the White Mountains to conquer Trethal. Since the vacation of the fort, Osprytes have dug crude caves into the high canyon walls to hide their nests. In their digging, they have come across the dwarven tunnels. Some of them know the dwarven compound well, but they are mostly unconcerned with it.

The Osprytes vigorously defend their territory, though there is little interest in taking it from them. There are rumors of powerful artifacts locked away in the abandoned fort. Adventurers seeking the entrance rarely succeed in getting pas the Osprytes. Some few have been able to find the hidden door, but have been killed inside by Osprytes before finding the keys to the Treasure Room.

The tunnels connecting the two walls of the canyon have been flooded by the erosion of the river since they were built. The river rises seasonally in the Spring with the melting snow and though the entrance is water sealed, the water creeps up from the tunnel

The four keys to the Treasure Room door are marked in red on the map. One is in a chest in the quarters of the garrison commander (A). Another is found behind a secret door revealed by solving a puzzle involving a turning statue and the arcane circle (B). A third can be found behind a secret door at (C) which swings open as if by a gust of wind if both doors entering that chamber are held open. If not held open, the wind will instead slam the doors closed. If either door is closed, there is no wind. The last is found at the bottom of a chamber at (D) which can be reached from above or through a secret door.

The Library is extensive, but outdated.

The Council Chamber is where the priests and other elders among the Osprytes meet.

The entry hall (E) has on display a massive statue of four Dwarves wrestling a Rephiam. It has been flooded many times over the years. The Mess hall has been similarly flooded, along with the garrison.

The Osprytes have several nests in their caves and will have a dozen eggs incubating at any given time.

I will discuss the contents of the Treasure Room in a later post.

EDIT: The Treasure Room is infested with hatched egg monsters.

As a player, would you be attracted to a dungeon like this?  How would you approach it? As a Master Weaver, would you run this dungeon? Let us know below.

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