Monster Monday-Osprytes

Another in the humanoids are monsters series. Humanoids behave rationally, unlike other monsters, and so are more likely to negotiate and compromise. Their ability to have classes and powers like those of player characters also makes them powerful and varied foes. I try to make my races different in order to add a variety of flavors to the game.

Osprytes are members of the Exile pack, like Livecaps. They are a playable race capable of flight, a huge advantage. While their very low strength makes them ill-suited for many classes, they can be decent casters and thieves. Their flight advantage can often compensate for other shortcomings.Ospryte

Osprytes are grey-feathered and birdlike, except for a second pair of talons with four fingers and opposable thumbs suitable for using weapons and casting spells. They are generally tribal and very loyal to their kind. They are individually notorious for short attention spans. With their short life spans, they societal memory is similarly fleeting. They are fast breeding and control their territory primarily by numbers.

Osprytes can be found in many biomes, but they are primarily shallow cave dwellers, preferring small hollows in the sides of cliffs. Nonetheless, they will sometimes build nests in trees. They are in any case unwilling to lay their eggs at ground level and will seek raised nests even at the cost of conquering new territory.

Osprytes are small, about Halfling size, but slower still than they with a land speed of only 12 (faster than Merfolk, but slower than any other humanoid). In flight, they have an acceleration of 9 and a top speed of 45 feet per second (see the Flight Rules). They are light, lacking physical might (-6 Strength). They are also quick-minded (+2 Intelligence) and prudent (+2 Wisdom). Despite fierce talons, their fingers are quite agile (+2 Dexterity). Despite their sense of loyalty, they are quite solitary and prefer the loneliness of the skies (-4 Charisma).


Though their small stature does make it difficult for them to excel as adventurers, some ambitious Osprytes do specialize, drawing close to nature or to magical forces in order to gain power. Others enhance their own bodies for stealth or combat to fair effect.OspryteDruid

Druid-Osprytes are wild by nature and tend to bond with birds and other animals. It comes quite natural to them to worship the gods of nature or aspects thereof. Often, they don’t even expect reward and will worship dragons or other powerful creatures in nature.

OspryteFighterFighter-Though their physique is not suited to direct combat, they can use their flight to make themselves formidable warriors with ranges weapons or clever ambushes. Many of them will be soldiers with some weapon experience.

Magic-user-Osprytes learn magic more readily than most races (though not as readily as Gnomes, Goblins, or Merfolk). Their ability to reach high places from which to cast and to cast while gliding make them formidable casters.

Thief-Solitary Osprytes or those in small groups will often resort to scavenging for food and other supplies. They are well adapted to stealth and very capable of reaching most marks.

OspryteMageBattle Mage-Osprytes who become highly adept in magic will often bring it to bear in battle. Whether as archers or with swords and spears, they will use their magical skill to channel power through their weapons in order to be effective in battle.

Priest-Ospryte’s often participate in nature worship, whether the sun or the moon, or the earth itself, or even dragons. They will also, at times, choose to worship a true deity of nature in order to glean power from it. Ospryte priests are often the most respected members of society.OsprytePriest

Ranger-Osprytes are generally predatory, hunting like other birds of prey, but also with bows and slings. Their societies will often contain many hunters, but on occasion these hunters advance to rangers, taking up tracking in order to improve their hunting. They may also learn magic and become attuned with nature. Ospryte rangers are often heavily depended on for the defense of their communities.

Rogue-Their general skill for stealth and their ability to fly makes ranged assassination very appealing to many Osprytes. Those most skilled of their thieves and OspryteArcherscouts will sometimes become rogues, able to fly high above the foe and strike without being detected before returning to safety. These flying snipers are much of the reason Osprytes are allowed by other powers in the area to control their territory.

Osprytes are wild cards in international relations. They are rarely interested in alliances and can behave erratically when threatened. Frequently, their presence in a territory prevents any surrounding nations from operating aggressively in the region, sometimes preventing wars altogether due to their unpredictability.

Osprytes can be very useful as player characters, due to the ability to fly. However, their other penalties sometimes hold them back. Would you play one? How would you handle a group of Osprytes preventing river travel through a canyon where they live? How would you use them as a Master Weaver? Let us know in the comments below!

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