Saturday Spell-Detect Water

DetectWater“Hmm, thirst,” the ambassador to the goblins murmured. He turned to his escort through the dank caves. “Have any of you any water? No? Have any of you the means to find it? We’ll need water before we make camp.”

“I ‘ave a spell I can use.”

Right Hand:

Ra (Light Radius): Light (Full), Water (Full)

Des (Energy Arc):

Des (Energy Arc): Light (Full), Water (Full)

Ra (Light Radius):

saying “liu”

This spell uses the same principle as other detect spells (detect life, detect phylactery), but with water. As with other detection spells, all power goes toward detecting water for a water detection perception burst of 10d6, averaging 35. As long as water is nearby, this is enough to detect it through walls, a little further around corners.

This spell costs 60 SP.  It can be cast by a right handed caster with 15 dex and no agility in 6 seconds. It’s the kind of spell you could cast quickly after moving a little to look around for water in the new area. Alternate approaches include casting a more powerful spell to detect water at a longer range or cast a spell to encharge yourself or an object with water detection and use it periodically while searching.

A utility spell with limited usefulness. Would you make room for it in your spell book? Have a variant you’re interested in seeing? Tell us below and we may do it in a coming week.

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