Styth-The Mistress of Secrets

Styth-The Mistress of Secrets (Deity)

She is seductive and guileful. She upholds deception and cunning, but especially secret combinations. She mocks honesty and openness.

The evil gods envy her power for secrecy and often seek her aide to occult their dark acts. She also aids men in doing so, rewarding their desires to act in the dark with ability to do so. She is aware of the deepest secrets and all things, but she can hide things from any god with effort.

Alignment: Neutral Evil (2, -7)

Worshipers: Thieves, Spies, Scholars

Symbols: closed eye, pursed lips

Colors: black, indigo

Blessing: -4 To-Hit for enemy parries

Gifts of Power: Lie, Alter Truth, Translation, Darkness, Silence Truth

Artifacts: Deceiver’s Mask, Redaction Cover, Emending Cover

Styth is the god of secrets. Would she be suitable for an adventurer to follow? Would you serve a deity who offers only secrecy in return? Let us know in the comments below. 

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