Dainlen-The Lady of Truth

Dainlen-The Lady of Truth (Deity)

She is honest and wise. She recognizes diligence, initiative, and especially wisdom. She opposes deceptions and secrets.

All gods recognize her wisdom and honesty and the good gods benefit from the knowledge she offers. She aids those who seek to know truths as well as those dedicated to the unveiling of secrets. She is aware of all things that happen in Trethal, but must exert herself greatly to give guarded secrets to her people. I have also mentioned her in connection with Reach in the Midgeland where she is also part of the pantheon.

Alignment: Neutral Good (2, 7)

Worshipers: Scholars, Counselors, Righteous Governments.

Symbols: scroll, quill, candle, eye

Colors: blue, yellow, light blue

Blessing: +1 damage per lie told by the target in the last 24 hours

Gifts of Power: Translation, Know Truth, Copy Test, Judgement, See Secret

Artifacts: Dissembley Disassembler, Dainlen’s Brooch, Scepter of True Words

Dainlen is the god of knowledge. Would she be suitable for an adventurer to follow? Would you serve a deity who offers only knowledge in return? Let us know in the comments below. 

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