Plieser-The Guardian of Knowledge

Plieser-The Guardian of Knowledge (Deity)

He is knowledgeable and largely aloof. He aids the studious and dedicated, but especially the logical. He abhors ignorance and insensibility.

He considers himself above many gods whose awareness is limited to a small sphere, but those of great knowledge he respects, torn between Dainlen (The Lady of Truth) and Styth (The Mistress of Secrets). His followers are dedicated to study and have great minds. He helps them to learn more quickly. Often kings will appoint a follower of his as a counselor for his powers of knowledge, He is omniscient.

Alignment: True Neutral (1, 0)

Worshipers: Scholars, Counselors, Scribes, Mages,

Symbols: scroll, book

Colors: grey, yellow, green

Blessing: Anticipation +2

Gifts of Power: Know Truth, Rapid Learning, Translation, Copy Text, See Place and Time

Artifacts: Rewritable Spell Scrolls, Librarian Circlet, Translation Stone, Truth Teller

Plieser is the god of scholars. Would he be suitable for an adventurer to follow? Would you serve a deity who offers only knowledge in return? Let us know in the comments below. 

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