Ability Tuesday-Infiltrator’s Intuition

Infiltrator'sIntuitionInfiltrator’s Intuition is an extremely valuable ability for the point man in the party. It allows the possessor to sense danger or mishap and avoid it, whether this means taking a second or closer look, placing a foot on a more stable tile when sneaking, or simply refraining from opening a trapped door.

In game, this is reflected in a number of mechanical options for the player. The player may take back certain actions, reroll Stealth or Perception checks, or add a bonus to Stealth or Perception checks. The ability has a cool down that is reduced by additional levels in the ability. Additional levels also increase the bonus that can be added to rolls.

Inflitrator’s Intuition is a major ability. It can be learned by thieves, assassins, and rogues, but other classes can pick it up in backstories or cross class when appropriate. All adventurers end up with a sense of danger eventually, after all.

Would this be one of the core abilities for your character? It’s a useful ability to have in the party, especially when dungeon crawling. How would you use it? Let us know in the comments below.

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