Monster Monday-Lourka (Bile Drake)

BileDrake“A Dragon?” Micheal cried, throwing a dagger and diving behind a rock as green liquid splattered where he had stood.

Riek stepped up as the dagger scored the beast’s hide and slashed furiously. His dagger punched deep into flesh as his sword severed a wing. The beast fell limp to the ground.

“Not a dragon, too small,” Filn remarked, nudging it with his toe. “Some kind of acid drake.”

Lourka (Bile Drake)

Health Points: 4d6

Spell Points: None

Attack: 1d6 (bite) speed 3/4

Special Attack: Spit Acid, spits a glob of acid up to 30 feet for 2d6 durability or health damage to the material or person struck. Dodge as a thrown weapon.

Special Defense: Acid Immunity

Dexterity: 18

Strength: 16

Speed: 24 (land) 32/8 (flight)

Armor: 3 2 3

Description: Lourka, called Bile Drakes, are the most dragon-like drakes, though they are smaller than even the smallest hatchling dragons at only 4 feet long when fully grown. They are agile flyers, but not very fast. They move on land with a hopping gait and speeds commensurate with humans and elves.

Bile Drakes have hard scales that provide fair armor, but they are also immune to most acids, including their own. They can spit their acid in battle, but they also use it to dig small recesses (about 2 feet high and wide crawl spaces, a 4 foot by 4 foot cavity at the back) in which they sleep when not hunting.

Bile Drakes tend to live near each other. While they do not usually hunt in packs, eating mostly rodents and other small prey, they will rally together to expel aggressive intruders.

As a player, how would you react to small tunnel openings in the area? What if a swarm of Bile Drakes were assaulting you? What would you do? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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5 Responses to Monster Monday-Lourka (Bile Drake)

  1. In one of our off-leash dog parks, which is essentially just boggy undeveloped woodland, a small hole appeared in one of the hills last Spring, under a fallen root ball. Apparently the dogs were all very interested in it until a black bear came out. My boy and I weren’t there that day, but apparently much barking and calling and leashing and drawing of bear spray cans and retreating ensued, and the trails to that area of the park were taped off until the bear decided to go on its way.

    The hole was maybe 18″ in diameter, so, based on my personal experience, any previously unnoticed small holes are worth giving some berth until you figure out what dug them.

    As for an assault of drakes, I’m assuming “bile drake spray” isn’t available at the local sporting goods stores? In any event, running, running toward water seems like a good plan.

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